Sex gegen Essen

Cover_sb13006Uber sharp whorl. Electro-dance, Berliner Royal Jazzpunk cascades of Lillinger.Kuljic sings sovereign with a voice of steel and dark chocolate. Zappa bends the melody line into a maze.Moebus plinks delicious raindrop notes, from a dream Kalima carves the climate. KUU! fights its way on paths paved with two guitars. Music in theater, ballads for Jim Jarmush.
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Jelena Kuljic – vocals
Kalle Kalima – guitar
Frank Möbus – guitar
Christian Lillinger – drums

Side A:
Sex gegen Essen (Kalle Kalima) 03:51
Against Winter (Kalle Kalima)  06:28
Lousy Day (Kalle Kalima /Christian Lillinger) 04:51
Dream Food (Kalle Kalima)  05:12

Side B:
Traces (Frank Möbus)  03:56
Stasias Bände (Kalle Kalima)  04:05
Queen of Banks and Stones (Kalle Kalima)  02:16
Dobro Jutro (Kalle Kalima)  03:15
Talking to little birdies (K.Kalima / F. Möbus / C.Lillinger / J.Kuljic)  07:05

produced by KUU!
recorded September 2011 at Hochschule Franz Liszt, Weimar by Matthias Mittelkamp
A1-3 mixed by Marck Fuck
A4 / B1-5 mixed by Matthias Mittelkamp
mastered by Klaus Scheuermann
graphic design by Nebojsa Tabacki
executive producer Johannes Haage

limited edition 12″ LP sb13006 (180g)
including personal Downloadcode for hi res Audio files of full Album +bonus track