Animate Repose

LP animate repose _coverAnimate your repose!
Don’t hesitate.
Stand up and speak for yourself.
Listen carefully.
Take your responsibility.
Take a rest.
Take a deep breath.
You deserve it.
And move again.
Feel the air between your fingers.
How can you be animated and resting?
Calm down. It’s all fine. Is it? You have to run faster. Jump higher. You don’t need to sleep. You have to work harder. It’s capitalism, Baby. You are about to loose everything. Higher, faster, further.
Don’t you hear it?

LP only (120g) with personal Download Code for hi res audio (incl Sales Tax)
Price(EUR): €18.00


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LP (120g) with personal Download Code for hi res audio + Hyperactive Kid CD “2016 10th Anniversary Bundle” (incl Sales Tax)
Price(EUR): €20.16

Otis Sandsjö -sax (1-3,6)
Beat Keller – el. guitar (1-3,5,6)
Liz Kozack – digital synth (1-3,5,6)
Lucas Leidinger – piano (1-6), analog synth (1,2,6)
Oliver Potratz – el. bass (1-3, 6), double bass (4,5)
Tilo Weber -drums

Clara Haberkamp – piano (4-6), celesta (1,6)
Andreas Lang – double bass (4-6)

Side A
Animate Repose 07:39
Electric Jelinek 10:42

Side B
Calmoving 07:07
Quebehsenuef 06:06
Tarnam 04:33
Silent Maiden 04:31

all compositions by Tilo Weber
produced by Tilo Weber
recorded by Falko Duczmal at Scoringstage, Babelsberg in March 2015
mixed by Marck Fuck
mastered by Klaus Scheuermann
photos by Oliver Potratz
artwork by Liz Kozack

limited edition 12″ LP sb16011 (120g)
including personal Downloadcode for hi res Audio files of full Album
+bonus tracks

….watch Tilo Weber´s Animate Repose perform the new Song “Beck Love” live in Berlin: