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Schmid´s Huhn <br/> GOLDEN SPHERES

Schmid´s Huhn

Stefan Karl Schmid – tenor sax
Leonhard Huhn -alto sax
Stefan Schönegg- bass
Fabian Arends- drums




This new digital release by one of Germany´s most exciting bands SCHMIDS HUHN follows their highly acclaimed self titled debut LP and comes with an exclusive physical Poster artwork by musician/artist Örn Ingo Unnsteinsson.
Only three microphones have been used to capture the intimate soundscapes and miraculous blending of the quartet.
Eleven originals imbued with five rotating spheres create an image that might let you think of the 1960s Cool Jazz era but in the same moment pushes you in the present times by incorporating avant-garde elements in a highly creative and fluent manner.
Schmid’s Huhn has been very active on the scene in the last couple of years. Besides playing concerts and festivals in Germany, France, Switzerland and the Netherlands Schmid’s Huhn won the composition award and the prize for best soloist at the Tremplin Jazzfestival in Avignon. They have also been nominated for the „New German Jazz-prize in 2013 and 2015“.


FALLING (Stefan Karl Schmid) 04:59
WEISS AUF SCHWARZ (Stefan Karl Schmid) 04:34
TURN LEFT AT 4TH STREET (Stefan Karl Schmid) 04:52
SPHERE #1 (Stefan Karl Schmid) 00:46
LELAND (Stefan Karl Schmid) 06:36
SPHERE #2 (Stefan Karl Schmid) 00:58
BIOMECHANOID (Leonhard Huhn) 05:21
WEDDING SONG (for B. Bartók) (Stefan Karl Schmid) 03:58
SPHERE #3 (Stefan Karl Schmid) 00:55
MESSIAEN’S MOOD (Stefan Karl Schmid) 07:06
UNTERM GRUENEN H (Leonhard Huhn) 04:54
SPHERE #4 (Stefan Karl Schmid) 00:40
SEX & TEARS (Leonhard Huhn) 05:07
PMP (Leonhard Huhn) 02:49
HDB (Stefan Karl Schmid) 04:54
SPHERE #5 (Stefan Karl Schmid) 01:10


Produced by Stefan Karl Schmid & Leonhard Huhn
Recorded by Oliver Bergner at Deutschlandfunk Kammermusiksaal, Cologne June 2-4, 2015
Mixed and Mastered by Oliver Bergner at Hansahaus Studio, Bonn
Photos Peter Tümmers
Design by Örn Ingi Unnsteinsson
Executive Producer: Johannes Haage

Digital Album available incl. limited edition exclusive physical Poster Artwork by Örn Ingi Unnsteinsson.


After many years of conjoint work Cologne based saxophonists Stefan Karl Schmid and Leonhard Huhn created a new Quartet named Schmid’s Huhn as their means of expression. Schmid and Huhn understand each other instinctively. Their slight and powerful tone merges into one sound at which it folds contrapuntally in the very next moment opening up unexpected sound scopes. With bassist Stefan Schönegg and Fabian Arends on drums an earthy and lyrical sound arises which sovereignly fills the space between tradition and avant- garde.
Together Schmid and Huhn have been very successful over the last couple of years. In 2011 they won the composition award at the ‘Tremplin Jazz D’Avignon Festival in France, the ‘Sparda-Jazz-Award’ 2012 and in 2013 they have been nominated for the ‘New German Jazztrophy’.