animated repose 9Animate Repose.
A soft gaze. Vibrant visions through half closed lids. Wood is hitting metal plates. Strings are recrystallizing. The music resonates through your body.
You start to reposition yourself on the slant. You enter a world you never dreamed of.
The music took you there. Where in the sleeping world, one dreams that one is waking, slumbering along, yet lumbering on through a twisting and colored world where ones body is alive, though it is still lying on the couch.

You are listening to Animate Repose.
Welcome these musicians. They are honest. They don’t play music, they play with toys. And this sounds more like the outer space then the human earth.
But be careful. You could become another person. You could change while listening to this record. Six people are playing music. Or eight?
The vinyl is crackling and suddenly you feel at home.
It is not a contradiction, it is an inevitable impossibility in the journey of the human spirit. You are resting in one place, but you are an immovable object hurtling through space.
It is quiet again and you are thankful. Is this the lasting peace we are hoping for?

Animate Repose. The goal to free the spirit, to move while the self remains permanent.
Are you curious?


Otis Sandsjö -sax
Beat Keller – el. guitar
Liz Kozack – digital synth
Lucas Leidinger – piano, analog synth
Oliver Potratz – el. bass, double bass
Tilo Weber -drums, compositions

album: 12″ LP Animate Repose sb16011