nevermore_cover_sb09002nevermore was recorded in a former barn in one of the historic parts of South Berlin. It captures the pushing and pulling of old and new air. The group never sacrifices the organics of live interplay for a “correct” performance.
This record is a collection of compositions by Simon Bauer and Johannes Haage which challenge and showcase this dynamic.

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Johannes Haage – guitar
Simon Bauer – bass
Brendan Dougherty – drums

New One 05:01
Fingerprints 07:06
Ballade 04:43
Nevermore 06:09
NBLSB 05:38
Charon 02:50
N.E. Alameda 04:44
Bei Dir ist noch Sonne 05:34

compositions by Simon Bauer (1,2,5,6,8) and Johannes Haage (3,4,7)
produced by Slowtrio
recorded by Brendan Dougherty in 2008
mastered by Hannes Bieger
artwork by Hans-Georg Bauer

compact disc sb09002
comes in a one-of-a-kind, unique cardboard casing with a non-print, laser-only artwork.