w/ Matthias Pichler
& Joe Smith

Haage_Pichler_Smith_roofThe three musicians of German, Austrian and American origin met in their current home-base Berlin and have been playing extensively as a Trio for about four years.
They initially started playing standards and other jazz tunes but progressed to a more open, free kind of playing.
They concentrate on original compositions by Johannes Haage as well as by Joe Smith, ranging from simple pop-like song forms to denser harmonic structures and sparsely notated pieces with or without set time signatures.

With every performance they create a new improvisational space in which they further develop, stretch or deconstruct the melodies and forms of their compositions, joyfully dissolving the established roles of soloist and accompanist when the moment calls for it.

Johannes Haage – guitar
Matthias Pichler – bass
Joe Smith – drums

album: 12″ LP Drift sb15009