Janis Görlich´s


Bum|mel, der ; [ˈbʊml̩], n. {masc.}, colloquial German for: stroll

Bum|mel|zug, der ; [ˈbʊml̩t͜suːk], n.{masc.} , German (ironic) for: a slow train which stops at every station

Bum|mel|zug Ex|plo|si|on, die [ˈbʊml̩t͜suːk ɛksploˈzi̯oːn] n. {fem.}
1. German for: the explosion of a slow train which before used to stop at every station

2. Name of a musical group formed by Berlin­ based Jazz­drummer Janis Görlich.

Otis Sandsjö – tenor sax
Uli Kempendorff – tenor sax
Thor Oscar Olsson – acoustic & electric guitars
Jonas Hauer – organ, electric & acoustic pianos
Janis Görlich – drums

BUMMELZUG EXPLOSION was formed in early 2012. The band plays original instrumental compositions by its leader Janis Görlich. The group dedicates itself to the performance of rather slow tempos, short solos and simple melodies, which stick to the listeners ears. However from time to time there may occur little unexpected explosions similar to explosions of steam locomotives in former times, which blew up usually as a result from conditions of high boiler pressure.

12″ LP In der Ferne sb13005
12″ LP In die Ferne sb15010