Bei Nacht


“Bei Nacht” is the debut album of Janis Görlich’s brand new Trio. Presented are compositions by the bandleader and his guitar player Henrik Olsson as well as a trés unique version of  Thelonious Monk’s “Round Midnight”.

By Nacht at times is ruled by a dark, psychedelic and often melancholic mood.  The tunes seek their influences not only from the world of mid 20th century jazz music but also from early 20th century classical as well as late 20th century pop music.
This being said it has to be clearly  stated that in the end (at least in this musical utopia) happiness wins.
On two tracks Bei Nacht features a special guest from the world of pop.
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Price(EUR): €20.16

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Price(EUR): €18.00

Janis Görlich- drums, ballafon, glockenspiel
Thor Oscar Olsson- guitar, effects
Jonas Hauer- accordion, effects
special guest:
Jan Rohrbach – toy piano, glockenspiel

Side A:
Rage among the monks 05:06
Moosbett 01:57
Klee 04:09
Summender Mönch 01:44
Richtet Sich 06:03

Side B:
Det var dans bort i vägen (Vinyl only) 01:37
Round Midnight 06:27
Schnee 04:29
Backpfeife 00:28
Settle down, buy a cow 05:46

compositions by Janis Görlich, Jonas Hauer, Henrik Olsson,
Fröding/Lambert & Thelonious Monk
produced by Janis Görlich
recorded at Philophon Music Production, Berlin by Benjamin Spitzmüller
in February 2014
mixed at Philophon Music Production, Berlin
by Benjamin Spitzmüller and Janis Görlich in July 2014
mastered by Giovanni Nicolletta at Chez Cherie Studios, Berlin
artwork by Annika Weintal
cover photo by Ilja Stahl
executive Producer: Johannes Haage

limited edition 12″ LP sb14007 (180g)
including personal Downloadcode for hi res Audio files of full Album
+5 bonus tracks